About Interock


  • To be the leading provider of specialist development and personnel selection services to our clients
  • To communicate and engage with our customers and suppliers to create a sustainable and effective business environment for all partners in the process
  • To be the preferred supplier of specialised wear components for our high-tech and industrial partners.


  • Delivering highly specialised products and services to our clients
  • Providing a clear Return On Investment (ROI) to our business partners and clients
  • Providing targeted and effective solutions to our clients' staffing and organisational developmental requirements.

Company Profile

  • Interock works with a wide range of organisations and individuals to assist them in the following areas
    • Enhanced effectiveness in the selection and recruitment process
    • Targeted talent identification and staff development
    • Increasing (by over 250%) the effective reading performance of adults, professionals, high school, university and college students at all levels of achievement. Advanced Reading Skills
  • Through a select range of collaborative partnerships, Interock offers a series of assessment tools for both recruitment and staff development, complemented by a suite of e-learning programs, leading to improved recruitment decisions and personnel performance
  • Interock also deploys specialist consultants who are able to offer meeting and conference facilitation services
  • Interock, through its long-term association with HyComp Inc., is a supplier of space-age, moulded wear components for heavy duty and high-tech manufacturing industries
  • Interock is pleased to be linked with Assess to Succeed, Prevue and DISCflex™. This partnership will ensure that the team can work effectively with our customers to achieve measurable improvements in performance and productivity that will impact positively on the bottom line.