Job Description Builder Features

Stop wasting time agonizing over your company’s job descriptions.


Have A Complete Job Description In Minutes

  Creating a job description with JDB is a simple, logical procedure. With JDB, your job descriptions come pre-populated with validated content—all you need to do is review, edit where appropriate to the precise nature of the job, and save. And once you’ve saved your description, you can begin administering Pre-Employment Testing right away.

Cloud based

  Internal collaboration and job description reviews are so much easier with JDB. In a fast-moving, dispersed workplace, getting the necessary approval and feedback from colleagues can be a real challenge to the recruitment process. With JDB you and your colleagues can Start, Edit, and Manage your saved, customised job descriptions from anywhere. All of your saved and in-progress job descriptions are stored securely in the cloud, giving quick access, no matter where you are. 

Designed for HR Professionals and Small Business Owners Alike

  JDB Prevue is robust and comprehensive enough to meet the demands of professional HR Administrators, yet intuitive enough to support Small Business Owners through creating job descriptions from scratch. Each step is broken down into simple instructions. Each step comes with tips and recommendations drawn from Prevue's 15+ years of recruiting experience. Whether you're managing & updating existing job descriptions, or creating new ones, the Prevue JDB keeps everything you need organized and in easy access.



Thousands Of Hours of Analysis


Our ever-growing database of job categories and descriptions is subject to continuing critical analysis and review by industry professionals from both public and private sectors. The result is a thorough and standardized set of job descriptions that embodies the experience and wisdom of Human Resources practitioners world-wide.

The Prevue JDB can be used to form your job descriptions, if you're just starting to build them, or can be used to organize and audit your existing job descriptions.

Download Your Job Description or Edit Online   Once your job description is created and saved, you can download it to either Word or PDF format for further editing and distribution to staff. Or if you prefer, work in the cloud to edit and finalize your job descriptions.

Integrated into Prevue

Hiring System

  Each job description you create in JDB is linked to a Prevue Benchmark and Pre-Employment Test. You can use your newly created job description to post a job opening and then test job candidates against the Benchmark provided. This gives you the deepest insight into each candidate and allows you to make informed hiring decisions. Learn more about Prevue's Hiring System.


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