Professional Development / Learning

Tailored learning solutions.

The goal of our Indaba training programs is to align employee actions
and attitudes with current market requirements.

Our creative, customised training courses aim to teach people in the most effective way to ensure their success. When it comes to learning, there is no ‘one size fits all’. That’s why we work with your organisation to develop customised strategies for learning success.

We specialise in:

  • employee and leadership development;
  • mLearning/eLearning offered through the Work Force Development program;
  • DISCflex™ behavioural assessments that help individuals master their behavioural skills to help them reach their full potential.

Working with internal coaches.


Independednt studies show that a mix of training, mentoring, consulting, and one-on-one or small group coaching is the most effective approach to learning. However, this only happens when all components fit together in an integrated process.

To accomplish this, we have created Indaba's Global Blended eLearning approach. Working with internal and external coaches and consultants, this approach implements an internal corporate solution for training and development. 

A fully customised mLearning/eLearning platform and content library can be implemented within your organisation at a fraction of the cost of a DIY solution. Indaba's online library and resources are complete with videos, audios, white papers, exercises and samples of business models to guide your employees through the material.

You can enable customised solutions based on situations that organisations like yours face every day.

there is great benefit in blending online training with consultant services. Sometimes internal personnel have never been exposed to the situation their management team is facing. Often, this is when an external consultant or coach is called in.