Hiring and Retention

The hiring process is not an easy task for any company.  Selecting, retaining, and motivating employees takes a lot of hard work even for companies with well staffed HR departments. With of the Prevue Hiring and Retention reports will make your life easier.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you created a profile of the best candidate for a position that you intend to hire for?
  • Have you listed the differences between employees who became successful in the same position as compared to those who were not?
  • Have made the mistake of hiring someone just because he or she is exceptional during interview?
  • Have you devoted most of your time assisting bad hires instead of helping good employees reach their full potential?
  • Are you aware of the high cost of employee turnover to your company?
  • Hiring good people pays dividends, bad hires cost money.

The number one goal for every employer is to find the right employee for every position. However, each position requires different skills sets, personal characteristics, and abilities. The Prevue Assessment helps employers pick the most qualified candidate by identifying interests, personal traits, and other personal factors that directly affect the candidate’s job performance.

Surveys show that employee turnover can cost as much as 35% of the company’s salary allotment for a particular position. Conversely, hiring top performers and retaining them over time significantly brings down this cost while boosting performance. As a result, hiring the most qualified personnel directly affects the company’s overall performance.


The Development and Coaching Solutions take advantage of the power of the Prevue Benchmarks. The benchmark pinpoints the preferred qualities of an employee that will affect a certain position. Learn more about how Prevue Benchmark can help your organisation.


Our clients receive all reports instantly through the Prevue Online platforms. All they have to do is input the name and email address of the applicants that need assessment and the system will automate the process:

Invite candidates to complete the online Prevue Assessment Questionnaire.

After the candidate completes the Prevue Assessment, Prevue Online analyses the information collected and send useful and informative feedback to the hiring managers.